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Customizable Event Form Setup

The Event Request Forms your organization uses can be customized according to what each site needs. *Note: The Customizable Event Form is a new feature that will need to be activated in your account. For more information about the form, contact Client Services.


To access the Event Request Forms page:

  • Click on the gear icon () to access the Site Administration settings page.
  • Click on Event Request Forms under Advanced Settings.

Creating an Event Form

  • Click on the Create a Form button.
  • Choose from one of the following options:
    • Create New: Create a brand new event form from scratch.
    • Copy From Existing: Use an existing event form as a starting point and make any changes needed before saving.
  • Enter a name for the event form, then click Get Started.


Form Settings

  • Click on the Form Settings button to make customizations to the Form Header, Thank You Message, and Logo for this event form.


Adding Form Components

  • If you copied an existing event form, all components that were included on that form will show on the screen. If you chose to create a new event form, only the required components of Event Details and Location & Time will show here.
  • To add a new component to the form, click on the component in the list to the left and drag it to the appropriate place on the event form.



  • The components can be reordered or removed from the form by hovering over the component and selecting Drag or Remove.
  • Click Save to add this event form to the list of forms. *Note: For this form to be used at a particular site, it must be assigned to the site from the Event Request Forms list.

Managing Event Forms

The Event Request Forms page displays any event forms that have been created.

  • Assign: Click here to assign this event form to the appropriate sites.
  • View: Click here to view the public facing event form.
  • Edit: Click here to edit the event form. The System Default Form is not editable, but any form that has been added to your account can be edited at any time.
  • Archive: Archiving an event form will remove it from this event form list, make it unavailable for use, and remove it from the list of event forms available to copy when creating a new event form.
    • To access archived event forms, click the View Archived Forms link at the top of the event forms list. An archived form can be restored at any time.



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