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Constant Contact

Event Manager can be used to provide new contacts to your existing Constant Contact lists. This allows for you to grow your contact lists automatically as visitors browse your calendar. Event Manager allows for you to add the following types of visitors to your contact lists in Constant Contact.


  • Visitor Profiles - These are created by your calendar visitors. With a visitor profile they can track registrations and purchases, create subscriptions and alerts, view their upcoming and favorite events, and (if enabled) submit events.
  • Event Registrants - Registrants are created when a person registers for an event, and provides their first name, last name, and email address.
  • Purchasers - A purchaser is the person who is listed as the order contact when completing the checkout process.


*Note: Constant Contact charges based on the number of contacts you store on their system. Event Manager has partnered with Constant Contact for your convenience in using both systems together. However, Event Manager is not responsible for any charges for plan changes that you incur from using this interface.

Constant Contact Setup

  • Click on the gear icon () to access the Site Administration settings page.
  • Click on Constant Contact under Advanced Settings.
  • Click the Continue button to continue to the Constant Contact website.
  • Login to your Constant Contact account.



  • Click Allow.
  • You will receive a confirmation message in Event Manager that your account has been authorized to interact with Constant Contact.

Configure Constant Contact Lists

Once authorized, you can select which list in Constant Contact your visitor profiles, registrants, and purchasers will be automatically added to.


  • Select a single list from the drop down for each type of Event Manager User that you would like to add to Constant Contact.
  • Click Save to begin sending contacts to Constant Contact.

Clients with Multiple Active Calendar Sites

Constant Contact configuration is unique to, and must be configured for each Event Manager Site. If you have multiple calendar sites, this allows for your organization to integrate with multiple Constant Contact accounts.


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