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Entering a Public Work Request

If the Public Request Form has been enabled, users of TheWorxHub can enter work requests without logging in.

How to Enter a Public Work Request

  • Navigate to the login page for TheWorxHub.
  • Click on the create a request here link at the bottom of the page. This will open the Public Request Form.
  • Click on the drop down menu to select a Building. If necessary, type the name of the Building to filter the drop down list.
  • Click on the drop down to select a Location. If necessary, type the name of the Location to filter the drop down list. *Note: The list of available Locations is filtered by the Building you selected.
  • Select the type of Application for this request from the drop down menu. *Note: The Application options available for public requests depend on TheWorxHub licenses you have purchased.
  • Select a Template to use for this request from the drop down menu if available. *Note: The Template drop down menu will only display on the public request form if there are templates available for requests of the Application type selected.
  • Enter a brief summary of the issue in the Description of Problem field.



  • Enter any additional Detail you need to provide for this request, if necessary.
  • There are two options to upload a file to this request:
    • Drag and drop the file to the gray upload box.


    • Click the gray upload box and select the file from your computer.
  • Enter Your Name.
  • Enter your Email address if you would like to receive email notifications about this request.
  • Enter your Phone number if you would like for the user responding to your request to be able to contact you with questions.
  • Click the Save Request button to finalize the changes and submit your request to TheWorxHub. A confirmation message will display once the request has been submitted successfully.