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Completing a Work Order

You can mark a work order complete from the Dashboard in several different ways. You can complete a single work order, or batch complete multiple work orders at once.

Completing a Single Work Order

  • From your Dashboard, use the categories under the Work Order section or the search field to find the work order you need to mark complete.



  • Hover your mouse over the work order and click on the Complete link that appears.



  • In the pop-up box that appears, enter the labor time for each assignee.
  • Fill out any other information as necessary and be sure to check the box next to Complete.
  • Click Save. The work order will be removed from the dashboard. *Note: A work order is not officially complete until all complete checkboxes are checked for all assigned workers. Workers with their portion marked complete will not see the work order on their Just My Work dashboard indicator.



     The Dude Says: 

If you mistakenly complete the work order for one staff member, you can reopen the Completion pop-up, and click the undo? link where the complete checkbox used to be. Then click Save to reopen the work order for that person.

Batch Completing Work Orders

Work Orders marked with a lightning bolt () symbol indicates that all required information has been entered and the work order can be batch completed. If the work order is not marked with a lightning bolt, some additional information is required before it can be marked completed in a batch. *Note: You cannot enter labor time when batch completing work orders.

  • From your Dashboard, check the box next to each work order that needs to be completed.
  • Click the Complete link found above the records list.
  • In the pop-up completion window enter a Note if necessary. *Note: Anything typed in the Note field applies to all work orders completed in the batch.
  • Put a check in the box if you need to mark these work orders as Bill to Resident.
  • Click Save to complete the selected work orders. The work orders will be removed from the dashboard.


Completion Wizard

The Completion Wizard is a convenient process that presents each of the work order panels that are relevant for closing and billing work orders. The Completion Wizard is accessed from work orders that do not have a lightning bolt icon and require additional information before being marked complete. *Note: If any of the Completion Wizard sections do not apply to this work order, you can click Complete WO at any time to skip to the end of the Completion Wizard.

  • From your Dashboard, hover your mouse over the work order and click Complete. *Note: The Completion Wizard will launch automatically if a worker has not been assigned to the work order.
  • Click Launch completion wizard from the Quick Complete window.


Fill out the following sections:

  • Notes & labor
    • Enter notes and completion date and time.
    • Add or remove workers from the work order and the time worked for each.
  • Meters
    • This step will show if the work order has any associated meters that require a meter reading before completing the work order.
  • Inventory *Note: Only accounts with the Inventory module will see this section.
    • Add or remove inventory items used on the work order.
  • Costs
    • This step will display any Staff, Contractor, or Inventory costs that have been automatically added to the work order based on the previous steps.
    • To add a Cost manually:
      • Click Add Cost.
      • Select either Purchase Cost or Contract Labor / Service Cost.
      • Complete all required fields and provide any other applicable information.
      • Click Add Purchase Cost or Add Contract Labor Cost to finalize the changes.
  • Billings
    • Enter the billing information otherwise found on the billings panel in the work order.