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Adding Labor Time

Tracking labor time in your WorxHub account allows you to track the labor cost of a work order. You can add your labor time from both the Dashboard and from the work order.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Adding Labor from the Dashboard

Adding Labor Manually

  • From your Dashboard, use the categories under the Work Order section or the search field to find the work order you need to mark complete.



  • Hover your mouse over the work order and click on the Enter Labor Time link that appears.



  • In the window that appears, for each of the work order's assignees, record the labor time in the Enter time field .
    • Time can be entered as minutes or hours. For example, a worker that spent 1 hour and 15 minutes on the job can enter their time any of the following ways: 75, 75m, 1:15, 1h15m, 1h 15m, 1 15, and 1.25.
  • Select the Rate Type for the assignee.
  • Click Save to log the time on the work order.


Adding Labor Using the Labor Timer

  • From your Just My Work/Just My Teams section of the dashboard, hover your mouse over the work order.
  • Click the Start Timer link.



  • Once you have started the timer, the work order will display with a green background.
  • Hover over the work order to take further action on the timer:
    • To stop the timer, click Save Timer.
    • To delete the timer altogether, click Discard Timer.


Adding Labor from a Work Order

Adding Labor Manually

  • From the work order form, click on Labor to expand that panel.
  • If the user whose labor time you need to add is not already listed under Assigned Labor, click on Add Labor to expand that section of the panel.
  • Check the box next to the user whose labor needs to be added, then click Add Selected. *Note: If the work order is currently assigned to a team, you will need to remove the team assignment, and then check the box next to the users who need labor added.
  • In the user's record in the Assigned Labor section, enter the labor information in the Log New Time section.
    • Edit the DateType, and Rate as necessary.
    • Enter the duration of the labor in the Time field, OR, enter a Start and End time and TheWorxHub will calculate the labor time for you.
    • If you selected *FLAT in the Rate field, enter a Cost. If you selected a predetermined Rate, the cost will be calculated for you.
    • Click Save to add that labor time to the work order.


Adding Labor Using the Labor Timer

  • From the work order form, click the Start Timer button.



  • Once you have started the timer, the button will change from green to red and display the elapsed time.
  • To stop the timer, click the Save Timer button.
  • To delete the timer altogether, click discard timer.



     The Dude Says: 
  • In any labor time field, if you just enter the number 1, 2, 3, or 4 without anything else TheWorxHub will assume you meant hours. Type '1' and TheWorxHub will log 1 hour. However, once you type 5 or greater without any other characters, TheWorxHub assumes you meant 5 minutes, not 5 hours.
  • Data collected from TheWorxHub shows only 2.5% of jobs are under 5 minutes, so 97.5% of the time, when you type the number '2', chances are that you meant 2 hours.
  • On the other hand, only 2.7% of jobs are over 5 hours. So when you type '10', there's a 97.3% chance you meant 10 minutes.