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Scheduling a Pickup

The pickup feature allows you to easily create trips to organize returning to a destination to pick up your passengers. Common scenarios for scheduling a pickup could be:

  • Dropping off a passenger at a long appointment where the driver does not wait.
  • A different driver will be picking up the passenger(s).
  • Picking up passenger(s) on a different day.

Adding a Pickup to a Trip

Watch the Video Tutorial:


  • When creating a trip, check the Schedule Pickup box.
  • Be sure the information that is automatically populated is correct.
  • If the pickup occurs on a different day than the trip, choose the date in the What Date? field.
  • In the At What Time? field, select the time that the pickup should happen or select Will Call if the passenger will call the driver when ready.
  • Select a Driver for the pick up. The driver selected does not need to be the same as the driver who may be assigned to the trip.
  • Enter Any Special Notes if necessary.
  • Click Save. A separate trip will be created for the pick up.