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Managing Attendees

If you own the Room Bookings Pro Edition, you have access to advanced attendee tracking to help manage events and waiting lists, and to streamline the resident billing process. *Note: This section will show as "Guests" if the room booked is designated as a suite.


The Attendees section of the TheWorxHub allows you to:

  • Specify a maximum capacity for an event

  • Add residents, staff, or other ad hoc people (caregivers, family, visitors) as attendees

  • Print event sign-up forms

  • Manage wait lists

  • Take attendance

  • Mark attendees as cancelled

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Setting a Max Capacity

Setting a maximum capacity for an event provides two main benefits:

  • Control Available Sign-up Slots on Printed Sign-up Form - This max capacity will determine how many lines appear on the printed sign up form. This form is great to print and post on a bulletin board or insert into an event sign-up binder to allow your residents to sign-up for events. Before the event, you can grab that form and use it to link residents inside the room bookings attendee tab.

  • Manage Wait Lists - Once you've set your maximum capacity, TheWorxHub automatically builds a waiting list for you. Once you hit your capacity, subsequent attendees will start to appear on your waiting list.


To set the maximum capacity:

  • From the event page, click on the Attendees tab.
  • Enter a Max Capacity for the event in the text field and click Save.
  • Click Print Sign Up Form for a printout of the attendee list.



  • If you've reached your maximum capacity and have people on the waiting list, you can promote people from the wait list to the attendees list once you remove or cancel current attendees. *Note: Cancelling an attendee keeps them on the attendee list, but moves them to the bottom and shows a strikethrough on their name. It is a good practice to use the cancel function as it will allow for future analysis on residents who frequently sign-up then cancel. It also frees up a spot so that you can promote people from the wait list.



  • To promote a person from the waiting list, hover your mouse over the person and click the Promote link. This will add them to the Current Attendees list and will mark them as Attended.


Adding Attendees

  • From the event page, click on the Attendees tab.
  • Enter a Resident or Staff member in the text field to add them as an attendee.
  • If you want to add an attendee that is not a Resident or Staff member in your WorxHub account, click on the Add an Ad Hoc Attendee link and fill out the necessary information.


Taking Attendance

  • After adding attendees to your event, a Take Attendance button will appear on the page. Click on this button at any time to switch this tab to Attendance mode.



  • One hour before a room booking event begins, the button will disappear and your attendee tab will automatically switch to Attendance mode. *Note: You can also take attendance from Mobile Worx.
  • To mark an attendee as attended, click the toggle so it moves from No Show to Attended.
  • To quickly mark all attendees as attended, click the Mark All As Attended link.