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Approving a Room Booking Request

Once a room booking request has been submitted, it may need to be approved. In order to approve a room booking request, you will need to have the appropriate permission activated for your user role.


  • Click on the Home tab and then on the Overview tab.



  • Click on Room Bookings in the side navigation menu, then select Room Requests.
  • Hover over the room booking request you would like to approve and select Book It.



  • In the Room Booking Approval pop-up window, click through each step to review the request information and make any necessary changes.
    • If you approve the information, click Next at the bottom of the window to move on to the next step.
    • If you do not approve the information, click "To reject this request click here" in the yellow banner at the top of the window.



  • If all steps are approved, click the Approve Room Booking button at the bottom of Step 3.