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Printing the Staff Schedule Report

The Staff Schedule Report is an ideal way to print a list of work assignments for each Housekeeper or Custodian. It provides a streamlined look at the workload for a staff member with all jobs sorted by due date and appointment time.

How to Print the Staff Schedule from the Staff Schedule Dashboard

  • Click on the Home tab, then click on Housekeeping.



  • Click on Staff Schedule from the options on the left.
  • Use the Worker filters and the selection options listed near the top of the screen to select any work orders you would like included on the report.
  • Click on Print located above the work order list, then select Staff Schedule to generate the report.


How to Print the Staff Schedule from the Reports Tab

  • Click on the Reports tab, then click on Staff/Contractors.



  • Select Housekeeping from the Department drop down menu.
  • Select a Scheduled Date that includes your entire rotation period. For example, if your Schedule starts next week (and you have a two-week rotation), then select a Scheduled Date for the report of the "Next 3 calendar weeks" to ensure that the entire rotation period is covered.
  • Click on the magnifying glass next to the Worker field to open the Filter on Worker pop-up window.
  • Check the box next to those housekeepers who are assigned a scheduled work order, then click Done.
  • Select any additional applicable filters, then click Run Report.


     The Dude Says:

The Staff Schedule Report displays the location of scheduled jobs. If you are designing your Housekeeping Schedule for the first time, review the path that the housekeeper travels in the course of a day and note any inefficiencies.