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Reporting on Batteries

You can report on batteries that have been added to your BioMed assets by running the Batteries report under Asset Reports. Based on your reporting needs, you can either run the report as a summary or detailed report.

How to Run the Batteries Report

  • Click on the Reports tab, then select the Assets tab.
  • Click on Batteries.



  • Enter or select any filters you would like to apply to this report.
    • If you need to filter by Assets, click on the search icon ( ). In the window that appears, check the box next to any asset you would like to include on the report.
    • If you need to filter by a Location, type and select the name of the location or click the Location Picker ( ) and select it from the window that appears.


  • Grouping - In this drop-down menu, choose how you would like the report data to be organized.
  • Show Batteries Detail - Check this box if you would like the Batteries report to display in the detailed view instead of as a summary.
  • Print Filters - Check this box if you would like the filter options you choose for the report printed on the report.
  • Custom Output Name - If you would like to enter a custom name, enter the report title in this field.


Output Format

  • Choose the output form of either PDF or Excel.

Save as Favorite

  • If you would like to save the report as one of your favorites, enter the title of the report in the Favorite Name field.
  • Choose the favorite group the report should belong to.
  • Click Save.


  • Click the Run Report button to generate the report.