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User Roles

You can use the User Role Setup section to set certain customization options for your staff.


To access the User Role settings in TheWorxHub:

  1. Click on Settings, then select the Users tab.
  1. User Roles will appear in either the Standard Roles section or the My Roles section. The Standard Roles section are roles that are included with your WorxHub account, while the My Roles section contains any roles that you have created, as well as the defaults that were assigned to the Staff at the initial import when setting up your account. *Note: If your account has WorxIQ, an additional section will appear for Corporate User Roles. Only a WorxIQ Administrator can modify these user roles.

How to Create a User Role

  1. Select the role in the Standard Roles section that most closely resembles the User Role you wish to create.
  2. Click the Copy Role button.



  1. Enter a name for the User Role in the Type New Role Name Here box and click OK.
  2. Select the applicable Permissions by clicking on the permission category and checking the box next to each permission the user role should have. *Note: Even though you can assign permissions for certain Departments in TheWorxHub, such as Transportation, be advised that you must also assign a staff member to that Department in order for the user to have those permissions.


     The Dude Says:

There are permissions that we recommend defining for each role in TheWorxHub. We have created a handy PDF that you can use as a starting point when configuring your user roles. You can also review the permissions needed to create a Room Booking Manager, Transportation Manager, or Security Manager.



  1. Click Save to add this User Role. *Note: You also have the option of creating a User Role from scratch by clicking the New Role button. Selecting this option requires you to manually choose each permission for that User Role.