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Tracking Incidents

Incidents can either be reported while performing a security round or ad-hoc. Incidents are associated with Outcomes, which serve both as a status, as well as a way to report on the action that has been taken. The Security Dashboard allows you to track incidents and update them as needed until they are resolved.

Watch the Video Tutorial:


To access the Open Incidents list:

  • Click on the Home tab, and then select the Security tab.



  • Click on Open Incidents.
  • This list will show any incident that has not been given an outcome of Resolved or Cancelled.
  • To view the full details of an incident, click on the incident description.
    • From the Incident Info tab, you can add or update any details, list any email update recipients, add involved parties, or even add a work request related to the incident.
    • From the Outcomes tab you can add an outcome to the incident, including date, time, and outcome type. The Outcome History section will track the various action that have been taken for this incident since it was created.



  • To add an outcome from the dashboard view, hover your mouse over the record and click Add Outcome.
    • Enter an Outcome Type, Outcome Date, Time, and any applicable Notes.
    • Click Save.



  • When the incident is marked as Resolved or Cancelled, it will clear from the list of incidents.