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The Security Reports section allows you to obtain and print your data according to the filters, date ranges, and output format that works for you. *Note: Access to Security Reports is a separate permission from the other Security permissions, found under the Reports panel on the permissions page. To learn more about user permissions, click here.


To access the Security reporting options in TheWorxHub:


  • Click on the Reports tab, then select Security.


Incident Listing

  • This report provides a list of all incidents that match your specified date and filter choices.
  • The report includes Description, Location, Incident Date, Created By, Category, Involved Parties, and information about the most recent outcome for that incident.
  • Choose how the results are grouped, as well as whether the report should print as a PDF or an Excel file.


Daily Logs

  • Print a list of the daily log activity for the date range you select.


Incident Analysis

  • This report allows you to view the number of incidents that occurred, percentages of resolved incidents, and the average days open for a specific category, incident date, or location.