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Adding a Request

A work request is generally entered by a staff member or a resident and then approved and accepted as a work order by the responsible department. Once you are logged into your WorxHub account, you can submit a request to any department within your community that use TheWorxHub. This could include Maintenance, Housekeeping, and IT Services.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

How to Submit a Maintenance, Housekeeping, or IT Services Request

  • From your Home tab, click on the Department that needs to receive the request you are submitting.



  • Your Location will automatically populate for you.
  • Enter a Description of the work that needs to be performed. *Note: If this work is commonly requested, you can click Pick Template to select a requestor template that will auto-populate fields on the request form for you.

    Watch the Video Tutorial:


  • Type any additional details and notes in the Details box.
  • The Source of Work and Requestor fields will already be filled in for you.
  • You can add or edit the Requestor Phone number, if needed.
  • Click the Attach a File? link to attach a document, photo, or other file to this request.
  • Click the Subscribe to email updates link to receive update notifications for this request.
  • Check the Permission to Enter? box to allow a technician to enter your residence to address the issue if you are unavailable. You can leave specific instructions in the field provided below the box.
  • Click I'm Done! to save the request. Or if you have another request to enter for same department, click Add Another to save this request and bring up a new request form.