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Dashboard Overview

The Mobile Worx Dashboard allows you to quickly and easily access work orders as well as perform a variety of actions on your mobile device.

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Departments Menu

The Departments Menu allows you to easily switch between the departments your WorxHub account has access to. You will only see the departments that your account has purchased or departments that pertain to your user role.


Online and Offline Mode

The Online/Offline toggle is useful if you know you will be performing work in an area with poor or no service. First, be sure you are in an area with strong service, then tap the Online/Offline toggle switch to go Offline. When you return to an area with stronger service, tap the toggle again to go back Online and your work will automatically be synced to your WorxHub account.



In the top right corner is the Bulletins button, which will display a red badge with a count of unread bulletins. Clicking this button will expand a panel where you can view all bulletins available for display.

  • Click mark as read to reduce the number of unread bulletins advertised on the banner.
  • Click mark all as read to reduce the number of unread bulletins advertised on the banner to 0.


The Dashboard Menu

The Dashboard Menu will show various categories allowing you to quickly access your work. The categories that display here will vary based on your user role as well as which department is selected in the Departments menu.

  • Running Timers - This section will show any timers that are currently running, giving a snapshot of work that is currently in progress.
  • Pending Requests - Tap this section to view and approve any work orders waiting for your approval.
  • Incomplete Work Orders - This section will show all open work orders assigned to anyone, as well as work orders that still remain unassigned.
  • Unassigned Work Orders - All work that has not yet been assigned a worker will show in this section.
  • Due Today - This section will display any work that is due today.
  • Just My Work - Tap here to show any work that is assigned to you.
  • Open Surveys/Inspections - This section will show any open surveys/inspections that require responses.


The Actions Menu

The Actions menu contains common actions such as creating a new request or entering a meter reading. It also contains the Logout button. Tap the appropriate panel to navigate to the action you need to perform.