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Completing a Work Order

Watch the Video Tutorial:


  • From the Mobile Dashboard, tap Just My Work.
  • On the Just My Work screen, locate the work order you want to complete and tap on it to open.



  • On the Work Order screen, tap the Status panel to open the Work Order Status Update screen.
  • Tap Complete to mark the status complete. This shows the completion page.



  • Tap the Completion Note field to add an explanatory note on the completed work.
  • If you would like the requestor to be able to view the completion note, check the Visible to Requestor? box.
  • The Completion Date and Completion Time will automatically populate with the current date and time, but can be edited if needed.
  • Tap the Done button in the top right to finalize the completion.



     The Dude Says:

If you are assigned to the work order, it will default to your name being checked as completed. If there are other people assigned to the work order, you can leave them unchecked to keep the work order open for them. You can also complete the work order for others assigned by tapping their name to display a checkmark on the left hand side.