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Dashboard Overview

TheWorxHub Dashboard shows the details of your department that need attention at any given moment of time.


To access TheWorxHub Dashboard:

  • Click on the Dashboard tab and then on the Overview tab.


Watch the Video Tutorial:

Work Orders and Reminders

  1. The Work Orders and Reminders sections of your Overview tab is broken down into categories to help you easily manage the work, tasks, and important information at your organization.
  2. Click on the category to populate those records in the records list to the right.
  3. Uncheck the box next to Show Project Work Orders if you do not want to include any work orders belonging to a project.


Filtering Records

  1. Use the drill down column to filter out the records in a selected category.
  2. Click Show All to remove any previously selected filter options.
  3. Click Show None to apply all filters. This may be useful if you only have one or two filters you want to apply to your data. After clicking Show None, click on only the items you want to show.
  4. Click the down arrow next to the default filter field to select the field you would like to filter by. *Note: The list of filtering options will vary depending on the category that is selected.



  1. Click any items you do not want displayed in the list of records. These filters then appear with a strike through mark.



  1. You can click on the strike through item again to include those records in the records list.
  2. Each record shows an abbreviated view of the work order. Hover over the work order with your mouse to show common actions, such as completing the work or entering labor time.
  3. Click on the work order description to be taken to the full work order form.

Space Management on the Dashboard

Users of TheWorxHub can utilize portions of Space Management from the work order list on the Dashboard. You can access drawings, view nearby work and assets, and other layers.


To access drawings:

  1. From the work order list, click on the map pin icon ( ) on a work order. A side panel will expand to display the location of the work order on the appropriate drawing.
  2. Use the yellow arrow and zoom icons or click and drag to move the drawing as needed.
  3. Click on the Layers icon ( ) to expand the menu:
    1. Flip the Show Open Work toggle to display all open work close to the location of this work order.
    2. Flip the Show Assets toggle to display assets in locations close to the location of this work order.
    3. Flip the toggle of other available layers to display them as needed.
  4. Click outside of the panel to return to TheWorxHub Dashboard.