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Reports and Sites in WorxIQ

In addition to adding widgets to your dashboard to keep track of high level data, you can run reports for specific sites or groups, and use the Sites dashboard to triage work in near real time.

How to Run a Report in WorxIQ

The advantage of running reports in WorxIQ, as opposed to running reports from a particular TheWorxHub site, is the ability to report on multiple sites and/or groups in order to gain a broader perspective on work occurring across your organization.

  • Click on Reports from the navigation menu.

  • You will start on the Favorites tab, where you can select a favorite report if you have added any. Otherwise, click on the Work Orders, Projects, Staff/Contractors, Assets, or Surveys tab at the top of the page, depending on the category of report you need to run.

  • Select a report to run. The available report options will be determined by the tab you selected.

  • Use the Filters panel to refine the data that will display in the report. The available filters will depend on the report you selected.

    • You can leverage the Site and Group drop-down menus to report on a specific TheWorxHub site or group of TheWorxHub sites.

  • Use the Options panel to adjust certain variables that will affect how the report displays, such as how data is grouped, or the Custom Output Name that will display at the top of the report.

  • Select the Output Format from the drop-down menu.

  • Use the Save as Favorite panel to save a report for later use.

    • Enter a Favorite Name.

    • Click the Save link to add it to your Favorites tab. By default, the reports will be organized by the report category.

  • Click Run Report to download the report.


How to Utilize the Sites Dashboard in WorxIQ

The Sites dashboard in WorxIQ is used to track and manage work in near real time for sites that you have been given access to. This is in contrast to the Analytics dashboard, whose information updates nightly.

  • Click on Sites from the navigation menu.

  • Data about open work orders is displayed for each site that you have access to:

    • You can view the number of Open Work Orders, how many are Overdue, and how many are Non Compliant.

    • You can view the number of Pending Work Requests and the number of work requests that Require Approval.

      • Click on the number next to one of these options to navigate to the TheWorxHub site and manage the corresponding work orders directly.

  • Click View in WorxHub to open the work order list in the corresponding TheWorxHub site.