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Adding a Widget to WorxIQ

Once you have been added as a user in WorxIQ, you can add widgets to your dashboard in order to view high level data about sites in your organization. Data displayed in widgets is updated from your TheWorxHub sites nightly to ensure that data is as up-to-date as possible.

How to Add a Widget

By default, the Analytics dashboard in WorxIQ allows you to add six widgets to the My Widgets tab. You can add as many additional tabs as needed, each of which can hold six widgets.

  • Click Add Widget in one of the six available spaces on the dashboard.

  • In the window that appears, choose from one of three options:

    • A list of widgets that have been made available for use by other WorxIQ users will be displayed. These can be selected to add to your Analytics dashboard instead of creating a new chart or table widget.

    • Click the + Add New Chart Widget button to add a widget that will display data in a chart or graph.

    • Click the + Add New Table Widget button to add a widget that will display data in a table.

Managing Widgets

Once you have added widgets to your dashboard, you have a few options for managing them:

  • You can rearrange the widgets on your dashboard by clicking and dragging to adjust their position on the page.

  • You can favorite a widget or remove it from your favorites by clicking the star icon ( )

  • You can remove a widget from the dashboard by clicking the X icon. ( )