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Mapping Locations

Once you have uploaded a drawing into TheWorxHub, the drawing can be mapped to the Location that it was associated with.


To access Location Mapping:

  • Click on the Space Management tab. *Note: This will take you outside of the normal interface and into the Space Management module.

How to Map Locations

  • Click on the Drawing you would like to map. Use the search field to filter the list of drawings if necessary.



  • Use the yellow arrow and zoom icons or click and drag to move the drawing as needed.
  • There are two Edit tools that you can use to map your locations on a drawing:
    • Rectangle: Select this tool to click and drag a rectangular selection on the drawing.
    • Free Form: Select this tool to define a selection on the drawing point by point. This is most useful for oddly shaped rooms or spaces.
  • Once you have made a Rectangle or Free Form selection on the drawing, select the mapped location from the drop down menu.
  • Click Submit to save the change.
  • Repeat this process for any additional locations you would like to map on this drawing. *Note: If the drawing will not allow you to proceed with mapping, this may mean that all locations have been mapped.


How to Edit Location Mapping

  • Click on the drawing you would like to edit. Use the search field to filter the list of drawings if necessary.
  • Click on the mapped location you would like to edit. This will expand a side panel with information about the location.
  • Click on the hamburger menu ( ) at the top of the panel. You will be presented with three options:
    • Edit Location: Click this option to make updates to this location's information.
    • Change Unit: Click this option to select a new Location to map to this selection on the drawing.
    • Remove Mapping: Click this option to completely remove this mapping selection from the drawing.