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Mark a Work Order as Sent to Accounting

Once you have marked a work order as "Bill to Resident", you may need to send that information to your Accounting department. TheWorxHub gives you a place to keep track of which billings still need to be sent.


  • Click on the Home tab, then click on the Billings to Send panel in the Reminders list on the left. This will show any billings you have marked as "Bill to Resident."



  • Check the box next to any billings you would like to send to Accounting, then click the Export link above the list of billings.
  • Select the appropriate export format depending on your organization's preferences.



  • Once you have sent the billings to your Accounting department and they have confirmed receipt, come back to the Billings to Send panel.
  • Check the box next to the appropriate billings and click the Mark as Sent to Accounting link. This will remove the billings from the Billings to Send panel.