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Customizing Billings on a Work Order

There will be times when the automated billing logic doesn't apply to the situation you need to bill for. When this happens, use the Work Order Billing Info panel to create custom billing items for a work order. You can add new or delete rows, edit the description column in any row, and even use the special Flat Rate.


  • From your Dashboard, click on the work order you need to customize the billing charges for.
  • Click on the Billing Info panel to open it.

Adding Rows

  • To add an extra row to the Billing Summary on a work order, fill in the Quantity, select the Chargeback Rate Type, and type a Description.
  • Click the Add to Billing Summary link to add the new row to the invoice. *Note: The automated calculation always uses the default rate set up in the Chargeback Rate Settings. If you need to use a labor charge rate other than the default, you can add your own row to the calculation and delete the automatically created row.

Deleting Rows

Delete a row to remove any automated billing line items that do not apply to your situation.

  • Click the x icon () to the left of the line item to remove unwanted rows.
  • If you accidentally delete a row, click the Recalc button and the automatically calculated rows reappear so you can start again. *Note: Custom rows will not reappear if you delete them.

Using the Flat Rate Option

There may be times when you have a unique situation where you want complete flexibility to enter a description and an amount. For those situations, use the built in Flat Rate option.

  • Enter the exact amount you wish to show on the billing summary line item in the Quantity field.
  • Select *Flat Rate* in the Chargeback Rate Type pick list. *Note: The Flat Rate is included in your account. You do not need to add it as a Chargeback Rate Type.
  • Enter a description of the fee in the Description field.
  • Click Add to Billing Summary to add the line item.


Editing Inventory Markup %

In some cases, you might have reason to adjust the default markup for inventory items that were entered in the Chargeback Settings. In the Billing Info panel, edit the percentage markup in the Markup % field, then click Recalc if necessary.