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In TheWorxHub, you can run various reports based on work orders, projects, staff/contractors, assets, inventory and POs, and Surveys/Inspections. You can add frequently used reports to your Favorites tab to access them quickly and easily. Some of the most recommended reports are listed below.


To access reporting in TheWorxHub, click on the Reports tab.


Favorites Tab

The Favorites tab is an easy way to access the reports you have saved as a Favorite.

  • On any report page, enter a Favorite Name for the report in the Save as Favorite section.
  • Click the Save link to add it to your Favorites tab. By default, the reports will be organized by the report category.



  • To organize your favorite reports into customized Groups, click the Add Favorite Group button from the Favorites tab.
  • Enter a name for your group, then click OK.
  • To assign a report to a group, select the group name in the drop down menu in the Save as Favorite section on any report page. This report will now show in that group on the Favorites tab.



Favorite reports can be shared with a group of users within a specific role. *Note: A report can be shared with only one role. If you wish to share a report with a different role, you must delete the report and create a new one, or create an additional report to share.

  • On the Favorites tab, find the appropriate report and click the Share link.



  • From the Role drop down menu, select the role name, then click Ok.



Reports can be automatically generated and scheduled to email selected users on a recurring basis.

  • On the Favorites tab, find the report you need to schedule and click the Manage Subscription link. This will open a pop-up window.
  • Choose whether you want the report to generate Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.


     The Dude Says:

For any report where you are setting up a subscription, it is best practice to use the Relative date option. This option is ideal when the results will be sent on a repeating schedule and allows you to manage how much data appears on each report.



  • For Daily, you have two options:
    • You can choose a specific number of days between each generation of the report.
    • You can choose to generate the report on every weekday or certain weekdays.
  • For Weekly, select the appropriate day(s) of the week and how frequently the report should generate on those days. Example: A report could be generated Monday through Friday every other week with a repeat value of 2.
  • For Monthly, you have two options:
    • You can choose a specific day of the month and the frequency. Example: A report could be generated quarterly on the 15th of the month with a Day value of 15 and a month(s) value of 3.
    • You can choose a day of the week and set the monthly recurrence. Example: A report could be generated quarterly on the first Monday of the month by selecting a value of First, a day value of Monday, and a month(s) value of 3.

  • Use the Start Date to indicate when to start generating the report. The End Date is an optional field that can be used if you want to stop sending the report after a fixed period of time.
  • Select the name of the subscribers you want to email the report to using the Staff or Email Group drop-down menu.
  • Click Save to finalize the changes.


Recommended Reports