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Creating and Using Project Templates

Project templates allow you to quickly create projects with predefined information, such as what type of work needs to be done, locations or assets needed, as well as budget data. Creating a project template will involve filling out the same type of information that you do when you are creating an individual project.


To access the Project Template settings in TheWorxHub:

  • Click on the Settings tab, then select the Projects tab.


How to Add a Project Template

  • Click Add New Project Template.

Template Settings

  • Enter a Project Title. This is used to identify the project on the Projects Dashboard, and also appears on the individual work orders within the project.
  • While a Description is not required, we recommend entering more information here to provide detail into the general requirements of the project.
  • In the Project Type section, select one of the following three options:
    • Multiple jobs in a single location – This project type is for situations where you need to perform many different types of work in the same location, such as a refurbishment or renovation of a room. These types of projects can span multiple departments.
    • The same job in multiple locations – This project type is used when you are doing the same job, but in multiple locations, such as repainting several rooms. The work order information will apply to all work orders created for the locations selected. You can assign workers now, or assign them after by using the Project Dashboard actions.
    • The same job on multiple assets – This project type is used when you are doing the exact same job, but on multiple assets like a filter change on A/C Units. The work order info will apply to all work orders created for the assets selected.

  • Depending on the Project Type you choose above, you will need to select either Locations or Assets.
  • Enter a Start Date and a Due Date for the project. These will just serve as examples to show project length. When creating a project from this template, you will want to enter an accurate Start Date and Due Date so TheWorxHub can calculate statistics on the length of time a project has been open.
  • If you will be tracking a budget, enter the budget amount in the Project Budget field and then check the boxes next to the costs you would like included in the budget.
  • Click Save to add this project template to TheWorxHub, or click the Work Order Detail tab to add work order information to the template.

Work Order Detail

  • From the Work Order Detail tab, click on the Add New Work Order button to add a work order to this template.
  • Fill out the work order form and click Save. *Note: The Project Type selected under Template Settings will determine the number of work orders that are created.
  • Repeat this process for any work orders that need to be added to the template.

Creating a Project from a Project Template

  • Click on the Home tab, then click on the Projects tab.



  • Click on the down arrow next to the Add New Project button, then click on Add From Template.



  • Click the Select link next to the template you would like to use to populate that template's information in the list below.
  • Click on Use Selected Template at the bottom of the page.



  • Adjust any information in the project as needed and click Save Project.