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Creating a Recurring Project Template

A Recurring Project in TheWorxHub is a project template that has been given a recurrence pattern. Recurring projects are only available for projects with a project type of same job in multiple locations or same job on multiple assets. *Note: The Recurring projects feature is an advanced feature requiring existing knowledge of project templates. Before beginning with recurring projects please review Creating and Using Project Templates.

Creating a Recurring Project Template

  • Click on the Settings tab, then click Projects.
  • Select the project template from the list and then click on the Recurrence tab.
  • Decide how often the project occurs in the Time Based Recurrence section.

    • Monthly
      • Day (_) every (_) month(s) Example: For work that needs to take place on the 15th day of every month, enter Day (15) of every (1) month.

      • The (first) (Sunday) every (_) month(s) Example: For work that needs to be done on the first Tuesday of every quarter, enter the (first) (Tuesday) of every (3) months.
    • Yearly
      • Every (January) (_) every (_) year(s) Example: For work that needs to take place on October 15th of every year, enter (October) (15) and Every (1) Years.

      • The (first) (Sunday) of (January) every (_) year(s) Example: For work that will be done on the first Monday in May every other year, enter The (first) (Monday) of (May) and Every (2) Years.
  • In the Range of Recurrence section, the Start Date will automatically fill in with today's date. Change the Start Date and enter an End Date if needed.
  • If you would like the due date of the work orders to be the same as the project due date, select the All Work Order Due Dates set to End Date of Project option. Or, if you would like a certain number of work orders due every specific number of days, select the second option. For example, if you would like 2 work orders due every 3 days, enter a 2 in the first box and a 3 in the second box.
  • Check the Skip Saturday and/or Skip Sunday boxes if these days do not need to be counted in the number of days until due.



  • Click Save. *Note: When a recurring project generates, you can still modify the resulting due dates of all the work orders in that project.
  • Once you've clicked Save, you will automatically be taken to the Template Settings section. Right above the Project Title, you will see the next time the project will generate as well as an option to Generate Now.