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Managing Pick Lists

In TheWorxHub, pick lists can be customized to allow for more personalized reporting and tracking of data. *Note: Clients who have purchased the WorxIQ application will need to contact their WorxIQ Administrator to make changes to pick lists in the account. 


To access the Pick List settings in TheWorxHub:

  • Click on the Settings tab, then select the Pick Lists tab.


How to Customize a Pick List

  • Choose the pick list you would like to add to by clicking on the Pick List name. The current pick list items will appear to the right. *Note: Certain pick lists contain different items based on the Application that is selected at the top of the screen. Be sure to select the correct Application before adding a new pick list Item.
  • To add an additional item to the pick list, click the New Pick List Item button.
  • Enter the Name for the item.
  • The Owner will automatically populate with your organization name.
  • If you would like for this item to be the Default option for the pick list, click the value in the Default column to reveal a checkbox. Checking this box will make the pick list item the default value.
  • To hide pick list items, click the value in the Visible column to reveal a checkbox. Unchecking this box will hide this item to prevent it from being selected. *Note: Items with the lock icon () next to the pick list Name cannot be deleted, but can be hidden using this method.
  • Rearrange any items by clicking and dragging the reorder () icon.
  • Click the Save Changes to this Pick List button.