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Logging in to TheWorxHub

How to Log in to TheWorxHub

  • Double click TheWorxHub internet shortcut on your computer to access the Login page. *Note: Your system administrator usually places a shortcut on your desktop for easy access to TheWorxHub. If you don't see a WorxHub icon on your computer, contact your community's technical support person for help.
  • Type your Username and Password into the fields on the Login page.
  • Check the Stay logged in checkbox to stay logged in for up to a week. This lets you bypass the login page and go straight to TheWorxHub the next time you use the shortcut.
  • Click Login.


Creating Bookmarks & Favorites for TheWorxHub

Each community using TheWorxHub has a unique URL (web address) to access their software. The URL is in the format of *Note: There is no www at the beginning of the link. The easiest way to access TheWorxHub is to create a 'favorite' or 'bookmark' in your favorite web browser. Below are instructions for creating a favorite or bookmark in a few of the most common browsers.