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Adding Inventory Items

You can add Inventory items to your WorxHub account to associate to work orders.

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How to Add Inventory Items

To add a new Inventory Item:

  • Click Add at the top of your screen, then select Inventory Item.

General Info

  • Enter a Part Description. This will serve as the identifier in the list of all inventory items.
  • Enter an Internal Part #.
  • Select a Category and Subcategory from the pick lists.
  • Select an Application from the Order Responsibility drop down menu.
  • Enter any additional information needed in the Details field.
  • If you would like the system to keep track of items that need to be reordered, check the box underneath Reorder.
  • Enter an Order Level. This is the threshold below which TheWorxHub will identify this item as needing to be reordered.
  • Enter an Order Qty to tell TheWorxHub how many units should be ordered at a time.
  • If applicable, select the GL Code associated with this item from the pick list.
  • Click Save.


Storage Location

  • Once you click Save, you can begin entering storage and quantity information for the inventory item by clicking Add storage location.
  • In the pop-up window, use the Storage Location search field to either type and select the name of the location, or click the Location Picker () to select the appropriate location from the list.
  • Select the applicable Bin/Shelf from the pick list, then click Save.
  • Click the Adjust link to the right of the Storage Location record to open the Adjust Inventory pop-up window.
  • Enter the current on-hand quantity in the New On Hand field, and type a Reason for Quantity Adjustment, such as "Initial On Hand Count".
  • Enter the part cost in the New Unit Cost field, and type a Reason for Value Adjustment, such as "Initial Price Listing".
  • Click Save.



  • Click on Suppliers to expand that panel. To learn more, see Adding Suppliers.
  • Double-click on the Supplier field to select an option from the pick list.
  • Click on the SKU text box and enter the SKU number associated with the part.
  • Click on the Price field to enter that supplier's price for the item.
  • If necessary, edit the UOM (Unit of Measure) and Qty/UOM (Quantity per Unit of Measure) for this supplier by clicking on those fields.



  • Click on Attachments to expand this panel.
  • Click on Choose a File, then select one of the uploading options:
    • From Computer - Browse your computer to find and select the file.
    • From the Web (URL) - Enter the URL, then click OK.
    • From Dropbox - After logging in to your Dropbox account, find and select the file.
  • Enter any necessary Notes, then click Upload.



  • Click on Log to expand this panel. In this section, you can view any changes or additions made to the template such as status changes, notes, or comments.
  • To add a note to the Log, click on New Note.
  • Enter the details of the note in the text field, then click Save.



     The Dude Says:

You can also add inventory items by utilizing the Add Ad-Hoc Item feature on a purchase order. See Adding Purchase Orders for more information on this feature.