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Getting Started with Barcoding

Using barcodes as a workflow tool can have a huge impact on productivity and accuracy.


  • Mobile Worx with the Barcoding Application - Mobile Worx is our mobile version of TheWorxHub, accessible through your mobile device's browser. *Note: If you do not currently have the Mobile Worx and Barcoding applications, please contact your Sales Representative or Client Services for more information.
  • An Android or iOS (Apple) Device with a Rear Camera - To scan a barcode your device must have a rear camera.
  • Install pic2shop - pic2shop is a barcoding app found on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store that needs to be downloaded and installed on your device. TheWorxHub barcoding feature will leverage some of the tools built-in to pic2shop. *Note: Clients who have existing barcodes that were not generated by TheWorxHub should download pic2shop Pro. Please contact the Client Services Center for more information on using barcodes that were not generated by TheWorxHub.


Implementing Barcoding

TheWorxHub supports barcoding for assets, locations, and inventory items. If you own the Inventory module, just attach your barcodes to bins, shelves, or drawers where you store your items to speed up physical counts and linking to work orders.

Buy Barcode Labels

TheWorxHub supports four standard and affordable barcode label types. These are durable and permanent. To find out more about the different label types, see Printing Barcodes.

Print Your Barcodes

Once you've bought your labels, see Printing Barcodes for detailed instructions and helpful tips.

Attach Your Barcodes

There are a few important concepts when sticking barcodes on assets, locations, or inventory.

  • Be consistent with barcode placement. Always stick them on a similar spot on similar items.
  • Make the barcodes accessible. Keep in mind that someone needs to scan these with their smartphone, so make sure you can actually see them. Don't stick them in a dark and hard to reach area if possible.