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Risk Assessment and AEM

Asset Risk Assessments

TheWorxHub provides an Asset Risk Assessment feature that allows you to determine the asset's risk to patients and the environment. The Risk Assessments are based on a point system, which you can customize.

Asset Risk Assessment Settings

  • Click on the Settings tab, then click on Risk.


Environment of Care Categories

  • TheWorxHub provides a default list of Environment of Care Categories. If you would like to add to this list, go to the Pick List Settings page.
  • Determine a point value for each of the categories. When you select one of the categories on an asset risk assessment, the point value automatically gets added to the risk assessment total points.
  • Click Save.


Risk Assessment Threshold

This section allows you to determine what your points threshold will be for an asset risk assessment.

  • Type the threshold value in the text field.
  • Select the High Risk option from the first pick list, and Non-High Risk from the second pick list.
  • Click Save.


Creating a Risk Assessment

  • Open the asset information page for the asset you would like to assess.
  • Click on Risk & AEM to expand the panel.
  • If applicable, check the box next to Asset Is Infection Control. *Note: Checking this box will automatically mark the asset as High Risk, even if the risk assessment point value is below the High Risk threshold.
  • Enter the Risk Score for each category according to your organization's policies. TheWorxHub will automatically determine whether or not the asset is high risk based on the Total Risk Score.
  • Click Save.



This section is for the Alternative Equipment Maintenance program. The AEM program, supported by the Joint Commission, is for assets whose maintenance differs from the manufacturer's recommendations.

  • If this asset is a part of the AEM program, check the box next to In AEM Program.
  • Fill out the AEM information in its entirety, and then click Save.



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