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How to Add Labor Transactions

In Incident, you are able to enter labor hours from your home page and directly on the incident form. You are also able to add labor hours for multiple work orders by clicking on the Labor Hours link under the Quick Launch section on your home page.

Adding Today's Labor from your Home Page

On the home page, your Assigned Incidents section will list all the incidents that are assigned to you and are not yet completed. You can record today's labor hours for any of these incidents right from the home page.


  • Enter the Action Taken to record what was done to address the work order.
  • Enter the Labor Hours for today. *Note: You must click the Mark Complete button to save any information typed into the Action Taken or Today's Labor Hours fields.
  • When you click the Mark Complete button, the current date will be listed as the Actual Completion Date on the incident and the incident status will change to Complete.


Adding Labor Hours on the Incident Form

If you need to enter labor hours for multiple days to the same incident, you can do so on the Incident form.


  • Open an existing incident by clicking on the incident number in the Assigned Incidents section of your home page or by typing the incident number into the Search for field.
  • Scroll down the incident and look for the section titled Transactions. Click on the New Labor Transaction.



  • Enter the number of hours for each day that work needs to be recorded and click Save.
  • Use the Calendar to the left of the screen to select dates not initially displayed.
  • To differentiate between different types of labor time, click the OT (Other Time) link next to the day. Enter your labor hours into the appropriate Other Time fields and click on Save.
  • You can also enter an Action Taken message in the text box below the Incident ID and change the status of the incident to Complete by checking the Work Complete? box.
  • Click the Save button when you are done entering hours and information to this incident.


Adding Labor Hours on Multiple Work Orders

You can quickly add labor hours for multiple days onto multiple incidents.


  • Click on the Labor Hours link in the Quick Launch section of the home page.
  • Enter the Action Taken information into the field below the Incident ID number
  • Enter Regular Labor Hours under each date that you worked on this incident.
  • Other time, such as Overtime, can be added by clicking on the OT link for that date.
  • Enter the Actual Completion Date in the field.
  • You can change the status of the incident to Complete by checking the box under Work Complete?
  • Click the Save button to save the information entered for all incidents.



       Bright Idea:

If you need to add Labor Hours to a incident that is not assigned to you, type the Incident ID number into the Search For box from the Labor Entry page, and click Go.  This will add that work order to the list where you can add your labor hours as shown above.