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Incident Summary Report 2

The Incident Summary Report 2 is a great report to run. Almost any information you are looking for can be found in this report. It gives a nice breakdown of each incident that meets your report criteria: the status, the current "assign to", the requester, the days aged, labor hours, and total costs accrued. Depending on how you sort your results, you will get a total for each "grouping" and then a grand total for all the incidents combined.

How to Run the Incident Summary Report 2

  • Click on Report in the Actions menu, then click on Incidents.
  • In Step 1, identify the Reporting Period by either choosing a predefined date range from the drop down list or entering Custom Begin and End dates.
  • In Step 2, choose the type of reporting date the reporting period selected in Step 1 should reflect. For example, if you choose Last Month in Step 1 and Request Date in Step 2, the report will only include incidents that were requested last month. If you choose Last Month in Step 1 and Completion Date in Step 2, the report will only include incidents that were marked complete last month, even if they were requested months ago.
  • Use Steps 3 through 21 to narrow down the report by specific Locations, Problem Types, Purpose Codes, etc.
  • Choose a Report Type for viewing. We are looking at the Summary Report 2 in this example. Each report type has a different look and contains varying levels of detail. *Note: In the drop down box next to the report type, choose how you would like the report results to be sorted or grouped.
  • Select the Report Format (PDF or Excel).
  • Click Print This to run this report and open a print preview of it. Incident reports can also be saved and scheduled as Saved Actions. To use this feature, type a Report Title in Step 24 and click Save and Print This.