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Batch Closing Incidents

You can use the Batch Close feature in Incident to close out up to ten incidents at the same time.

How to Batch Close Incidents

  • To batch close incidents, click on the Incidents link under the Information Analysis section on your home page.
  • Hover over the Shortcuts drop down menu and click on Batch Close Incidents.



  • By default, the system will filter the list to show only Complete status incidents. If you would like to batch close incidents of a different status, you can select it from the drop down box in the Filtering section above the list.
  • The page loads 10 incidents at a time.
  • The check boxes under the Close? column will be selected by default. The check indicates that you would like to change the status of that incident to Closed.
  • If there is an incident in the list that you do not want to close, remove the check from the box.
  • Click the Submit button to close the selected incidents.
  • The screen will refresh to show the next 10 incidents in the list. Repeat the steps until you have closed the desired incidents.