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Project Codes

Project Codes are designed to give you a way to group together multiple incidents under a common project. Assigning a Project Code to each incident associated with a project allows you to easily run reports and searches on them. You can quickly see the number of incidents associated with a project, total labor hours, and material costs.

How to Create Project Codes

  • Click on the Add link under the Actions Menu.
  • Click on the Projects link.
  • Enter the Project Code and Project Description.
  • Identify if the project is Budgeted.
  • Enter the project's Open and Close Date. *Note: Once the project's Close Date has passed, it can no longer be added to additional incidents.
  • Click Add/Update Record to save.
  • You can also add a Project Lead and QA Lead point person.
  • Once a project has been established, the Add/Update Project screen will display the Total Project Cost for Calendar YTD, as well as the Fiscal YTD.


How to Edit or Delete a Project Code

  • To edit an existing Project Code, click on the project code name from the list. Edit the necessary field(s) and click the Submit button to save.
  • To delete a project code that has never been used, click on the project name from the list and click the Delete button. *Note: A project code that has been selected on incidents cannot be deleted until you have removed the project code from all work orders that is has been associated with. You can check Click here to make this an inactive project to have it still appear on reports and advanced search criteria, but it will not show as a selection option in MyFacilityDude, on the Incident form, or when adding Transactions.