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Downloading and Logging into WorkCenter

Note: The WorkCenter app is only accessible to users in the Administrator, Supervisor I, Supervisor II, and Technician roles.

Downloading the WorkCenter App

  • Use the following link to download the app directly to your device:
  • OR Access the app store on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Search for SchoolDude WorkCenter.
  • Install the app on your device.

Logging into the WorkCenter App

*Note: If your organization is using SSO (single sign on) for user authentication, your login experience may be different. If you are having difficulty logging in using SSO or you are unsure whether your organization utilizes SSO for their Dude Solutions products, please contact your technology help desk for assistance.


Watch the Video Tutorial:


  • Tap the WorkCenter app icon on your Smartphone or tablet.

  • Enter your Email Address, Accept the Terms of Use, and tap Continue.
    • If you are using ConnectAuthenticate, please make sure you are connected to your organization's network the first time you are logging in. Entering your MaintenanceDirect email address will automatically direct you to your organization's login page where you can login with your school credentials.
  • Your User Name will populate for you. Enter your Password.
  • Tap Login.