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Adding Purchase Transactions

Entering labor hours and material purchases in Work Order allows you to track the cost of a work order. These transactions open up reporting doors to help you see where resources have been allocated.

How to Enter Purchase Transactions

  • On the work order form, scroll down to the Transactions sections and click on New Purchase Transaction.



  • Trns Date will automatically populate with today's date. This date can be backdated to reflect the date of the actual purchase.
  • Identify the Type of purchase transaction from the drop down list. (Materials, Rentals, Contract Services, Material Return, or Discount)
  • Choose the Supplier from the drop down list/binocular lookup. If the Supplier is not in the list, create a new one by typing the Supplier name in the field. *Once the transaction is saved, the new Supplier will be added to the list.
  • Enter the Invoice/PO#.
  • Select the Budget Code associated with this transaction.
  • In the Purchased by field, choose the name of the employee responsible for purchasing the material(s).
  • Enter a Description of the purchase. (Materials: What was purchased? Rentals: What was rented? Contracted Services: What services were contracted out? Etc.)
  • Identify the Quantity purchased.
  • In the Cost Each field, enter the cost per unit and enter any Markups or Discounts. *If the quantity is 1, the Cost Each entered will be the total cost.
  • Add any additional Sales Tax, Shipping/Freight, or Other Charges.
  • The Amount will automatically calculate based on the Quantity, Cost Each (Markup/Discount), Sales Tax, Shipping/Freight, and Other Charges.
  • If the work order has been completed, you can change the status to Complete by checking the Complete Work Order box.
  • Click the Submit button to save.


Editing and Deleting Purchase Transactions

  • To edit or delete a Purchase Transaction, click on the item description in the Item Number Description field from the Transactions section of the work order.



  • The purchase entry page will load so you can edit the information. Click the Submit button to save the changes.
  • To delete the transaction, click the Delete button at the bottom of the entry page.