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Purpose Codes

Purpose Codes are designed to give you a way to track and report on the reason why a work order is being requested. Purpose Codes are user defined and can be used to track any information important to your organization. Work Order provides a default list of commonly used Purpose Codes such as Vandalism, Planned Maintenance, etc. You can edit or delete any item on this list and also easily create new Purpose Codes.


       Bright Idea: 

Purpose Codes offer you an excellent way of grouping and tracking work orders. For example, vandalism work orders could cover a range of jobs, from painting over graffiti to fixing a broken window. Grouping them together with a purpose code allows you to easily run a report for all of these work orders regardless of the craft they were entered under. If you are also tracking costs, this could assist you in compiling a list of charges for the vandal to pay to cover the damage.

How to View and Create Purpose Codes

  • Click on the List link under the Actions Menu.
  • Click on the Purpose link.
  • This brings you to a list of the default Purpose Codes.


  • To add a new Purpose Code, click on Add New Item on the right side of the page.
  • Enter in the Purpose Description (Storm Damage, Summer Work, etc.) and click the Submit button to save.


How to Edit or Delete a Purpose Code

  • To edit an existing Purpose Code, click on the purpose code name from the list. Change the Purpose Description and click Submit.
  • To delete a purpose code that has never been used, click on the Purpose Code name from the list and click the Delete button. *Note: A purpose code that has been selected on work orders cannot be deleted until you have removed the purpose code from every work order that it is associated with.