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Creating a PM Template

A PM Template is used to help you create PM Schedules more quickly. You may want to create a PM template when you have entered details for a schedule for one location and need to create the same schedule for all of your locations. PM Templates outline the details of the work to be performed that is common to a group of schedules. When creating a schedule, you can select a template to fill in some of the steps so you don't have to type the same information over again into multiple schedules. A PM Template does not create PM work orders.

Creating a PM Template

You can create a template at the same time that you are creating a schedule or from any schedule you have already completed.

  • Click on the New Schedule tab or open an existing schedule that you would like to create a template from.
  • Fill out the schedule steps with the information you would like included in the template. *Note: Location, Bldg./Unit, and Equipment information from the schedule will not be included in the template. Information from all other steps will be included in the template.
  • In Step 17, select the Template Book that this template will be saved to. You can use the default My Standard book or create your own template book by selecting that option and entering a name for the book in the field provided. Any new book you create will be available the next time you create a template.
  • If you would like to use this template as a Master Template, put a check mark in the box next to Yes, template will be used as a master. Checking this box will apply this template to this schedule as a Master as well as make it available to use as a Master Template on other schedules.



       Bright Idea:

Master Templates allow you to share the task list among multiple schedules in a way that prevents those tasks from being edited from within the schedules. The benefit to using Master Templates is if you need to edit the task list, you can make the changes in the PM Template and it will change all of the schedules where that template has been used as a Master. You can still create additional tasks from within the schedule, but changing the Master template tasks must be done from within the template.

Master templates can also be used as regular templates where the task list is not locked down. However, if a change is made to the tasks in the template, this change will not carry over to the schedules where this template has not been used as a Master.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

  • Enter a Template Title. This should be descriptive of what the template is for, but should not include Location information. For example, AHU Qtrly Inspection or Fire Alarm Test.
  • Click Create Template Now.

Viewing and Editing PM Templates

  • Click the PM Templates link located in the Information Analysis section on the right side of the home page.
  • This will bring you to list of the PM Templates you have created.
  • Click on the PM Schedule Template Name to view the information in the template.
  • You can add information to the template by clicking on the appropriate step and entering new text or editing what is currently there.
  • Click Next Step at the bottom of each step that you edit to save the changes.
  • If you need to delete a template, you can click the red next to that template in the list or you can click the Delete button at the bottom of the steps when you open the template to view it. *Note: Master templates cannot be deleted.