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PM Schedules vs. PM Templates

You can create PM Schedules and PM Templates in your PMDirect account. These look very similar but are used in different ways.


  • A PM Schedule is created to generate work orders for a specific job usually at a specific location. This could be for an inspection or work to a piece of equipment or group of equipment. The most important thing to remember is that a PM Schedule creates a PM work order.


  • PM Template is used to help you create PM Schedules more quickly. They outline the details of the work to be performed that is common to a group of schedules. When creating a schedule, you can select a template to fill in some of the steps so you don't have to type the same information over again into multiple schedules. A PM Template does not create PM work orders.


       Bright Idea:

It is not required to use templates to create your PM Schedules, but they can be helpful in getting your account up and running quickly. There are SchoolDude Starter Templates preloaded into every account that you can use right away to start creating your schedules.