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Using the Calendar

The Calendar allows you to view past and upcoming PM work that is currently scheduled by Location, Classification, Type, Craft, or Assigned To. You are able to view the Calendar in a Month or Day view.

How to Access the Calendar

  • Click on the Calendar tab at the top of the page. The default calendar view is for the current month.
  • The calendar shows the title of the schedule on the work order due date. *Note: The letter in parenthesis indicates whether the schedule was set up on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly recurrence.
  • To the right side of the page, you can filter the calendar view according to Location, Classification, Type, Craft, and Assigned To. *Note: The calendar will automatically refresh when you select a filter.
  • To view a different month, select from the Month/Year drop downs to the left side of the screen.

  • Click a date on the calendar to see additional details regarding your schedules.

  • Click Print This! on the calendar view to see a list of upcoming PM work for the selected month. In this list you will see important PM details such as Schedule Description, Location, Date Generated, and the Status of the last generated PM work order. After you have viewed the information, you can print it if needed.