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How to Create a Work Order

You can create work orders for work you are currently performing, work you have done in the past, or work you are requesting to be done. *Note: When filling out the work order form, you will notice some of the fields have a red checkbox () next to it. This means the field is required and must be filled out before the work order can be saved.

Watch the Video Tutorial:


  • Click on the New Work Order tab to begin entering a request.
  • Identify where the work needs to be done by choosing the Location.
  • If your organization utilizes the Building field, select one from the drop down box.
  • Choose the general Area type that best fits the location of the work request.
  • Enter the specific area in the Area Number field. (The Area Number field is alphanumeric and is where you can enter specific room names or numbers.)



  • Select the appropriate Craft/Problem Type to identify what type of work is being requested.
  • Please describe your problem or request in the open text box.



  • If available, choose the Purpose Code that best describes why the work is requested.
  • If applicable, enter the Requested Completion Date.
  • Contact Information will automatically populate based on your participant information.
  • You will be prompted to answer Will You Perform This Work? Selecting Yes will automatically assign this work order to you. Selecting No will send the work order through the automatic routing rules.
  • Click Submit to save the work order.