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How to Enter Labor Transactions

Watch the Video Tutorial:


  • Pull up an existing work order by clicking on the work order number in the Assigned Work section of your home page or by typing the work order number into the Search for field.
  • Scroll down the work order to the Transactions section. Click on New Labor Transaction.



  • Select the employee's name to which the labor is being applied.
  • Enter the number of hours for each day that work needs to be recorded and click Save.
  • Use the Calendar to the left of the screen to select dates not initially displayed.
  • To differentiate between different types of labor time, click the OT (Other Time) link next to the day. Enter your labor hours into the appropriate Other Time fields and click on Save.
  • You can also enter an Action Taken message in the text box below the Work Order ID.
  • Click the Save button when you are done entering hours and information to this work order.