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Add Labor Transactions

Entering labor hours and material purchases in MaintenanceDirect allows you to track the cost of a work order. These transactions open up reporting doors to help you see where resources have been allocated. With labor transactions, you can actually get two different sets of data. You can track just the labor hours for each employee on the work order or you can also track the labor cost. When you enter a new user into the system, you have the option to add their labor rate to their profile. If you have entered a labor rate for an employee and they enter labor hours on a work order, the system will also calculate their labor cost.

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How to Enter Labor Transactions

  • On the work order form, scroll down to the Transactions sections and click on New Labor Transaction.



  • The Employee drop down list will default to the name of the employee that is assigned to the work order. *Note: You can select a different name to document labor hours for another employee who contributed to the work order.
  • Status will display the current status of the work order.
  • To enter labor hours, locate the date that time was spent on the request and enter the hours as whole numbers and the minutes as decimals. *Note: Time can be entered for multiple dates. To enter time for a date not displayed in the blue bar, use the Date entry field or the Calendar on the left side of the screen to adjust the date range.



  • To account for overtime, comp time, or any other time, click on OT (Other Time), next to the corresponding date. A pop-up window will load to enter any other times.



  • To change the work order status to Closed Work Order, check the Work Close? box. Checking this box will populate the Actual Completion Date on the work order form to today’s date. To adjust the Actual Completion Date to a different date, enter the correct date in the Actual Comp. Date field. *Note: Once a work order is marked Closed, you will not be able to add more transactions to it.
  • Communicate what was done to resolve the work request in the Action Taken field. Requesters will have access to view the Action Taken note.
  • Click the Save button to save the labor entry. *Note: Labor for another employee can be added to this work order by changing the name in the Employee drop down and entering their labor hours. Only Administrators, Supervisors, and Clerks are able to enter labor transactions for other users.

Editing and Deleting Labor Transactions

  • To edit or delete a Labor Transaction on a work order, click on the Employee's name in the Item Number Description field from the Labor Transactions section of the work order.



  • The labor entry page will load and you can adjust the time or replace the entry with a 0 to delete it. *Note: If the time you need to edit was entered under OT, click on the time shown in red. This will bring back the Other Time pop-up box and you can make your changes there.
  • Click the Save button to save the changes.