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You can enter your equipment information into MaintenanceDirect to be able to track costs and history of work done to specific pieces of equipment.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Entering Equipment

  • Click on the Add link under the Actions Menu.
  • Click on the Equipment link.
  • The Item Number is the only required field on the Equipment form. *Note: The item number should be descriptive enough that it tells you what the piece of equipment is and where it is located (Ex: Boiler-001-Admin). Consistency in your naming convention will help you locate equipment more easily in the future.
  • Several other fields are highly recommended if you are planning to attach pieces of equipment to your PM Schedules in PMDirect:
    • Classification
    • Type
    • Location (also Building if you are using this field in your account.)



  • There are many other fields available to enter as much information about the equipment as needed.
  • The Notes field can be very useful for information like filter and belt sizes. When you check the box below the field, this information will print on the work order form when you attach this piece of equipment to a PM Schedule.
  • Click Save at the bottom of the form to save the equipment in the system.


Adding Attachments to Equipment

Once you save a piece of equipment, you can then attach or link to manuals, photos of the equipment, and equipment specs. There is a maximum of 5MB of storage for attachments per piece of equipment. You can add as many attachments as needed as long as they do not collectively total over 5MB. For files that are too large, you can attach a link to a URL instead. These attachments are also available when viewing Equipment in PMDirect and CapitalForecastDirect.

  • On the Add/Update Equipment screen for the equipment you just saved, scroll down to the Attachments section. Add attachments to existing equipment by selecting it from the My Equipment list page.
  • Click Add New Attachment.
  • In the pop up window that appears, select the Resource Type as either a File or a Link.



  • For a File Attachment, enter a Description of the file. Select the file from your computer to Upload and click Save.
  • For a Link Attachment, enter a Description of the file to which you are linking. Enter the URL and click Save.



  • Close the pop up window and the screen will refresh to show the file or link listed in the Attachments section.
  • A paper clip icon will be visible next to equipment with attachments on all Equipment list pages. It will also appear next to the Equipment field on the WO form when a piece of equipment with attachments is selected. Click on the paper clip to view the attachments listed in a pop-up.


Duplicating Equipment

Once you have saved one piece of equipment, you will be able to duplicate it to create more pieces of equipment. This is extremely helpful when you are entering several pieces of equipment of the same type.

  • After you have saved a piece of equipment, a Duplicate link will appear in the Shortcuts section at the top of the page and a Duplicate Record button will appear at the bottom of the equipment form.



  • Click either of these to bring up a new equipment form.
  • All of the information from the previous equipment record will be copied into this new form, except for the Item Number.
  • Enter a new Item Number and make any necessary changes to the information.
  • Click Save at the bottom of the form.