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ConnectEPS is an add-on product that can be purchased to allow MaintenanceDirect users to shop for needed products via eProcurement Services (ePS) to complete a work order, then automatically records that purchase on the work order as a Purchase Transaction. For more information about adding ConnectEPS to your suite of products, please contact your sales representative.

Setting Up ConnectEPS

The only setup required for the integration is to add a ConnectEPS User ID to the MaintenanceDirect users that will need access to purchase items. Only Administrators have access to add ConnectEPS User IDs.

  • Click on the Account Setup tab.
  • Hover over the Shortcuts menu and click MD Users.
  • Click on the name of the user in the list that needs access to purchase items.
  • On the Work Order Participant Information page, scroll down and enter this user's ConnectEPS User ID in the field. The Connect EPS User ID is provided by ePS.
  • Click Save/Next Step.


Purchasing an Item through MaintenanceDirect

An authorized user can purchase an item on the Add/Update Work Order page and also on the Add/Update Purchases page.

From the Add/Update Work Order page

  • Open an existing work order by searching for it or clicking on the WOID number. If you are entering a new work order, you must save it first before you are able to make a purchase. *Note: The Grainger purchase option is not available for work orders in the Closed status.
  • Click on the Grainger button located at the top of the Add/Update Work Order page.


From the Add/Update Purchases page

  • Scroll down to the Transaction section of the work order and click New Purchase Transaction.
  • Click on the Grainger button located at the top of the Add/Update Purchases page.



  • After clicking on the Grainger button, your ePS portal page will open in a new tab automatically logging you in. Shop for supplies in the catalog and make your purchases.
  • Once your order is approved within ePS and the order is invoiced, the purchase transaction is automatically sent back to MaintenanceDirect and appears in the Transaction list for that work order.


Frequently Asked Questions

My account has ConnectEPS, but why don't I have a button to shop for supplies?


For the button to appear, an administrator must have added your ConnectEPS User ID to your user information in your MaintenanceDirect account. If there is no ConnectEPS User ID shown on your My Account page, contact your MD administrator.


Additionally the Grainger button will not be available when you are entering a new work order. Once a work order has been saved, the button will appear. Work orders in the Closed status will not have a Grainger button either.


When I click the Grainger button, I get a new tab that just says "This account is not authorized for ePS use." Why?


This error most likely means that your ConnectEPS User ID was entered incorrectly. You can view the User ID that was entered for you under the My Settings or My Account tab. Please contact your MaintenanceDirect administrator to correct this.


I have used the Grainger button to purchase items, but they are not showing up in the Transactions list on the work order.


Purchases will only appear in the Transactions list after the purchase has been approved in ePS and invoiced.


Also you can check the Requisition Details for the order in ePS and verify that the SchoolDude WOID matches the work order you are looking at. The transaction will appear on the WOID listed on the ePS order. If the SchoolDude WOID is blank, then the transaction will not show on any work order.


If I make changes to a work order and then click the Grainger button, will I lose the changes I made to the work order?


No, the button opens the ePS portal in a new browser tab, so your changes to the work order will not be affected.


I have a question about my ePS account/portal. Whom do I contact?


You may contact ePS support at or 855-690-3774.