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You can enter Locations and Equipment into Maintenance Manager for which you want to perform maintenance work and track costs against.

Adding New Locations/Equipment

  • To add a new Location or new piece of Equipment, click on the Locations/Equipment tab.
  • Click on the New button.
  • Enter in the Name of your Location or Equipment.
  • Select where the Location or Equipment is located from the Location/Equipment is at field, if applicable.
  • Enter a Description to provide additional details about the Location or Equipment.
  • Enter in any Notes about the Location or Equipment.
  • Choose a Category to describe the type of Location or Equipment you are entering:
    • Site - geographical area that may contain multiple structures or areas
    • Building - free standing structure
    • Area - place within a building or adjacent to a building (Example: parking lot, office, restroom, etc.)
    • Equipment - piece of equipment work will be performed on
  • Select a Type to further break down the Category. For example, if you are setting up a warehouse facility as a location, you can title it "Parts Storage", specify the Category as a "Building", and then select a Type of "Warehouse". *Note: Types can be added to the account by administrators.
  • The fields available in the Attributes section of the form will vary depending on the Category that is chosen for this Location/Equipment. Fill in those fields as necessary. *Note: If you selected the Equipment category and filled out the Warranty Expiration Date in the Attributes section, when choosing that equipment on the work order form, a small note will appear letting you know if the equipment is under warranty.


Adding Usage, Attachments, and Links

*Note: The Track Usage option will only appear if the Category of "Equipment" is selected.


Tracking Usage

  • If you want to track the usage for a piece of equipment, click on the Track Usage button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select Setup Unit to specify the type of usage you will be tracking. This field is required. *Note: Setup Units are a predefined list and cannot be customized.
  • If you have a reading to enter, type it in the New Reading field.

Adding Attachments

  • To add attachments to the your Location or Equipment, click on the Add Attachments button at the bottom of the screen and select an attachment from your computer.

Adding Links

  • To add links to your Location or Equipment, click on the Add Links button at the bottom of the screen and enter the URL in the side panel. *Note: When a URL is entered, the link's name, description, and thumbnail image will automatically populate if available. This information can be saved as-is or edited before saving.
  • Click Save.



     The Dude Says:

If you currently have a piece of equipment you no longer wish to track usage against, you are able discontinue usage tracking for it.

  • Click on the Equipment you wish to edit from the Locations/Equipment list and scroll down to the Usage Tracking section.
  • Click the Stop Tracking link. You will then be able to see the latest reading along with the recorded date.
  • If you ever want to track the usage on the Equipment again, click the Resume Tracking link.