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Adding Work Order Comments

Work Order Comments help the maintenance team keep the Requester in the loop about what's going on with a Work Order. Requesters can post comments on Work Orders as well, either updating them about the problem or responding to any questions that the maintenance team has asked. Work Order Comments can also be used to keep "internal" notes on the Work Order - technical details or troubleshooting steps that the Requester doesn't need to see.


     The Dude Says:

Examples of Work Order Comments:

  • Maintenance team to Requester: "I tried to stop by your room but you weren't there. I'll drop by again tomorrow."
  • Requester: "The noise isn't happening anymore but if you could still come by and check it out that would be great"
  • Technician or Administrator (internal-only comment): "Replaced the gasket but I'm not sure if this will fix it. Going to check it again in 2 days"
  • Maintenance team to Requester: "We had to order a part for this - it should be here in about a week."

How to Add a Work Order Comment

  • On an existing work order, click on the Comments tab to the right of the work order form.


  • Add your comment to the field provided in the Comments section.
  • Check the Visible to Requesters box if you would like your comment to be read by the Requester of this work order. This will also send them an email notification about the new comment. *Note: If the requester of this work order is in the role of an Administrator or Technician they will still have access to read the comment even if this box is unchecked.
  • Click Post Comment to save your comment to the work order.
  • Once your comment has been posted, an email notification about the comment will be sent to all Assignees of the work order and the Requested By user of the work order, unless this user is in the Requester role and the "Visible to Requester" checkbox is unchecked.