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Projects allow you to group work orders together so that you are able to view and track work performed against a single project. Types of project work may include renovations or facility repairs. With Projects, you are able to easily see how much money has been spent towards your budgeted amount for the project.

Adding a New Project

  • To add a new Project, click on the Admin tab and select Projects.
  • Click on the New button.



  • Enter a Name for your project. For example, if you will be entering work orders for upgrades to your facility, you can enter Facility Renovations as the project Name.
  • Enter a Description and any Notes that apply to the project.
  • Enter a Start Date and an End Date for the project. *Note: These fields are purely informational and will not affect anything in your account.
  • Enter a Budgeted Amount to show how much you are able to spend for the project. *Note: As you create work orders and enter transactions, the Budgeted Amount will automatically decrease based on your transaction entries.
  • Click the Save button to save your project and begin tracking work orders against it.


Project Tracking

In the Project Tracking section at the bottom of the Project page, you have the ability to create new work orders and view any work orders associated with the project. When Labor and Purchase costs are being entered on work orders, you will be able to view this information under Project Tracking. This section will show you the Total Spent from your Budgeted Amount and you will see how much of your budget remains.

Creating a Work Order from a Project

  • In the Project Tracking section at the bottom of the Project page, click on the Create Work Order button. *Note: Be sure you have saved any changes to your Project before creating the work order.



  • On the next screen, fill out your work order details and click the Save button when you are finished. For more information about filling out the New Work Order form, see Entering a New Work Order. *Note: The project will automatically be selected from the drop down on the work order form.

Viewing Work Orders and Costs Associated with a Project

  • To view work orders associated with a project, click on the link next to Project associated with. You will be taken to a list of those work orders.



  • You can also view Purchases and Labor costs tied to the project and see how much of your budget remains.


     The Dude Says:

The color of your budget status bar will change based on how much money has been used against your Budgeted Amount:

Green = 0-80% of the budget has been used.
Orange (Warning) = 80-100% of the budget has been used.
Red (Danger) = 100% or more of the budget has been used. If you go over the budgeted amount, you will see a negative amount in red indicating how much you have gone over.

Deactivating a Project

  • To deactivate a Project, click on the name of the Project you would like to deactivate.

  • Uncheck the box beside Active and click Save.