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Maintenance Manager Home Page

Logging into Maintenance Manager

  • On the Account Login screen, enter your Email Address and Password.
  • Click Sign In.
  • If you have forgotten your login information, click the Forgot your password? link below the Sign In button.


Maintenance Manager Home Page

Here is a break down of the sections on the Administrator home page:

Home Page Banner

  • The tabs at the top of the screen help you navigate to important areas of the application:
    • Dashboard - takes you to the Maintenance Manager home page.
    • Work Orders - takes you to a list of work orders where you are able to use the provided filters to adjust the results.
    • Calendar - takes you to the Calendar page where you can view upcoming reactive or schedule work order by Status, Assignee, Purpose, and Location/Equipment.
    • Reports - takes you to a graphical representation as well as a list view of data entered into the system.
    • History - takes you to a page where you can view changes made to work orders.

    • Admin - gives you a list of modifiable items in the system:
      • Locations/Equipment
      • Types
      • Purposes
      • PM Schedules
      • Task Books
      • Trades
      • Users
      • Configurations
    • New Work Order - takes you to the screen where you can enter a new work order.


Work Order ID search box

  • Type in a WOID number and click on the Magnifying Glass icon to be taken directly to that work order form.
  • Click on the Question Mark to access the different support channels:
    • Email support
    • Chat support
    • Phone Support
    • Online Product Documentation
  • Click on the Person icon to do the following:
    • Edit Profile
    • Change Password
    • Manage Email Notification Settings
    • Logout



  • The Dashboard gives a snapshot of all open work orders and the percentage of work orders that were completed on time.
  • There are four widgets you can click on:
    • New Requests - takes you to a list of all work orders in New Request status. If there are any unassigned new requests, you will see a small blue link that displays the Unassigned amount. Click on this link to view a list of those work orders.
    • Assigned To Me - takes you to a list of open work orders that are directly assigned to you.
    • Overdue - takes you to a list of overdue work orders. A work order is considered overdue when it goes past the Scheduled End Date and is not in the Complete status.
    • Completed on Time - gives you a percentage based on the amount of work orders that were completed on time based on the past 30 days. A work order is considered "on time" if a complete status is entered on or before the scheduled end date. *Note: This widget is not clickable so you aren't able to view a list of work orders that were completed on time.


Open Work Orders by Assignee

  • This section shows you a breakdown of the Open Work Orders per Assignee. The list is shown in descending order with employees with the most open work showing at the top of the list. Only the top 10 employees with the most open work will show under this section.
  • Click on the employee's name to view a list of their open work orders.


Work Orders by Purpose

  • This section gives a quick snapshot of the top 5 reasons why work is being requested. You can click onto one of the bars in the graph to view a list of the work orders. *Note: This graph will only show data from the last 30 days.