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The Configurations section is where you are able to change the default rate for Overtime and Doubletime hours across the whole account. The Labor Rate Multipliers adjust the cost of a Labor Transaction, based on its selected Hours Type. Also on this page, you are able to set the default purpose for work orders created both manually and from a schedule.

Updating Overtime and Doubletime Rates

  • To update Overtime and Doubletime Rates, click on the Admin tab and click on Configurations.
  • Enter the Overtime and Doubletime rate multiplier in the fields provided. When a user designates their hours as Overtime or Doubletime, their hourly labor rate will be multiplied by the number you enter in these fields.
  • Once you have updated the rates, click Save.
  • Editing the Overtime and Doubletime values will not affect existing Labor Transactions.


Updating Purposes

  • To update the default purpose for manually created work orders and for work orders generated from a schedule, click on the Admin tab and click on Configurations.
  • Select the default purpose from the respective drop-downs.
  • Once you have updated the purposes, click Save.